At Kool Kidz Rock we are committed to providing high quality music education to young children through fun, successful, well proven programs. Our policies are developed with both our students and teachers in mind.


Lessons: After school hours

If the student does not show up for a lesson for any reason, there are no refunds, make-up lessons or credits. Failure to show up for a lesson creates a loss of income for the teacher who has set aside time for the student in good faith. We are unable to fill that time with another enrolment at short notice. In extreme cases of accident or long term illness, we may consider an alternative arrangement. Students who go on holiday during term are not refunded and not entitled to makeup classes. For extended holidays the first two weeks must be paid in full after which a holding fee of $10per week is applicable.(Excluding private lessons) Students must be collected on time from after school lessons.

Lessons: During school hours
All effort will be made to collect your child for their lesson. However on the rare occasion they cannot be located, a makeup lesson will only be offered if circumstances permit. If the child decides not to come for their own reasons a makeup lesson or credit will not be given.

Make up Lessons
If lessons are cancelled due to the Kool Kidz Rock teacher being absent a make-up lesson or credit will be given. Make-ups will not be given for occasional absences by students or in-term family holiday. Cancellations for school reasons during school hours
A make-up lesson will be offered, or, if this is not possible, a credit will be given. Note: After school lessons may or may not be cancelled due to school closure days. A notice or text may be given. Check with our office if uncertain.

Students who arrive late for lessons will not have their lesson time extended . Notification that the student is not continuing with lessons
When students are enrolled their place is reserved for the year and the teacher is engaged for the enrolment. New students enrolled at the beginning of the school year have a minimum enrolment of two terms. Notification that the student is not returning must be given in writing (faxed, emailed, posted) to the Kool Kidz Rock office (NOT THE TEACHER) at least one month before the beginning of the next term (ie 14 days before the end of the term) or THE FULL FEE OF THE FOLLOWING TERM IS PAYABLE. This is to enable us to efficiently work out timetables and teacher's hours so that the term begins smoothly.

Payment of Fees
Our method of payment is by Direct Debit. Payment is deducted 5 days before the start of each school term unless you request it to come out on certain dates ie weekly, monthly etc. The payment schedule is for the current school year only. If you have correctly notified us that the student will no longer be attending, payments will cease at the end of the term when notification was made. There is a non-refundable enrolment fee of $20 when your child joins. Once the term fee is paid no refund is given. Visa facilities are available.
Late Fees Dishonours will incur a fee from Kool Kidz Rock of $25 Student Performances
Kool Kidz Rock has a Recital and Awards Presentation annually. Other impromptu performance opportunities will be encouraged throughout the year.

Group Changes
Kool Kidz Rock offers private lessons, shared and group lessons .The number of students in a group may change from time to time resulting in a change of fees, either slightly up or down.

Supply of Books
Books will be supplied at the beginning of the school year and mid year, or when the student commences. The cost will be added to your fees. If a student requires a book during the year, the book will be supplied and the amount deducted from your Direct Debit Account.

Lesson Times
Timetables are renewed each year. Lesson times will remain constant for the current year but may or may not be the same for the following year.

Change of Details
It is your responsibility to provide us with current banking, visa and contact details

Health and Behaviour
Kool Kidz Rock reserves the right to ask any student who is not conforming to our high standards of conduct to leave. You must notify us and provide us with all relevant details and courses of action, if a student has any physical, emotional or psychological conditions (including allergies) which may affect his/her well-being or learning.